So first, a peek at some of my journals, as I promised in my last post, and then, let’s dive into one of the easier ways to journal: list format. Lists provide some structure, and the question provides a direction for writing. A list can be as short or as long as you desire; it’s simple to start and simple to walk away from and pick up later.

I think a page with a question poised at the top is less intimidating than a blank page. If there are words on the page already, there is less performance pressure. One needs only to respond. Right away, a question speaks possibilities. A question is direct. A question suggests that there is an answer.

I often pose questions to myself in my journal, and write from there. For guided lists with questions to journal to, Moorea Seal has created journals that speak to multiple topics, and are meant to aid in self growth and awareness. I own three. I am a believer in growth, and also, a believer in beauty. These journals have pictures throughout, that make my heart happy. I found one at the local book fair for a great price, and I am a firm believer in bargain buys.

I have come up with topics to journal to as well. I will give you a peek at some of the list prompts I gave to the students in a journaling class I taught. Free pointers you all!

  • How do I nurture myself?
  • What have I accomplished in the last ten years?
  • What sacrifices have I made in my life? How do I feel about each sacrifice?
  • What do I believe in? How do I live my beliefs?
  • What expectations do others have of me? What expectations do I have of myself?

I have written one hundred responses to some questions and it has been very eye opening to see what comes to light, given that much time and space. It is not necessary to write such a long response, but it is revealing. If you should like to take the challenge, I have some pointers.

  • Be fast and don’t judge whatever comes into your head and out onto your paper.
  • It is ok to repeat yourself if something keeps popping up for you.
  • It is likely that the things that make it on to the first third of your list will be things you are aware of, the items that come up in the last third of your list may be more surprising and revealing to you. The repetition reveals areas in your life that are calling out for attention.

How does journaling in a list format sound to you in comparison to traditional, free prose journaling? Have your ever journaled in list form? What would YOUR question be if you were to journal to a question today? I would love to hear about it below!

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