Spring is here, and it sings of adventure to me. While looking for adventure can seem to be distracting from everyday life, it has a practical place and proven benefits. Adventure fuels us with creativity. It gifts us with extra energy. It fills us so we can approach the more ordinary portions of lives with an enthusiasm that will carry us through in a quicker manner. An eye for adventure brings a level of awareness and joy into the everyday, spilling over into a more positive attitude. So today I encourage you to adventure.

Walk barefoot in a creek. Split a watermelon on an impromptu picnic. Go salsa dancing. fly down the slip and slide with your child, or with your sassy self. Drive down dirt roads until you are lost, and then found. Follow an unfamiliar trail, blaze a trail, turn away from the trail you’ve been on, the one littered with negativity and unkindness. Take a kayak or canoe down a river or up a creek. Don’t get stuck up a creek. If you do, charm someone into helping you to get moving again, or muscle your way out on your own, if you prefer.

Find a stage, make the world a stage. Sing and dance, or aim the light to reveal another in their glory. Look into that dream vacation and make a savings deposit towards it, buy an article of clothing or the journal you want to take with you. Eat beets, artichokes, or anchovies, for the first time. Take your first sip of wine, or your last. Set up a coffee date with a friend to watch the sunrise on the nearest mountaintop.

Sleep under the stars. Take cushions and blankets and your favorite drink, or camp out impromptu, with nothing between you and the cool earth. Take a sailing lesson, a singing lesson, or a trail ride. Buy or barter for your own motorcycle, maybe a unicycle. Skydive or learn how to do a proper cartwheel. Take up yoga. Learn to swim, sign up for a triathlon, a marathon, or a 5k.

Surprise your somebody with a middle of the day pick me up, or a weekend trip. Make a date with yourself if that would be better. Go all out. Adventure until your legs are firm from travel, your arms warm from the sun, and your face etched with smile lines. Adventure until the secrets of the universe spark in your eyes, inviting others into your happiness. Adventure until it is your lifestyle.

“Life is nothing, if not a daring adventure.”- Walt Whitman

What is on your adventure list? How can you carve out a time to participate in life with all your senses? What would be the positive benefits if you did?


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