I am a coach and so I have been trained in meeting goals, creating a healthy life I value, and helping others do the same. I know that if I have a problem that seems impossible, I must change the narrative in my mind around it and likely, engage in a new way of doing things. If I want to obtain a goal I am 95% likely to do this if I make a plan and have specific accountability with a partner. The inner voice I listen to must speak kindly and patiently to me, there is no true progress when driven by criticism and negativity.

Sometimes I need to hear these things from a more energetic presence than my own. I need human connection. I need to set aside time to practice the things I know. So I joined a coaching circle last week. My coach is Tama Kieves, bestselling writer, long time coach, speaker, and workshop leader.

For two hours I soaked in Tama’s energy, warmth, and wisdom. The focus for our first session together was working with the  idea that we are being led and the way will open up before us, we don’t need to know how.

My belief that I know the exact way of anything has been shattered by deaths, my son who doesn’t fit easily into the systems around us, and broken relationships. I still wish I could know how things are going to settle. What I have in my life instead of certainty, is freedom, delight, strength, and sometimes, exhaustion and fear.

So I found myself after Tama’s class writing down the week’s mantra. “I am being led. I do not need to know how or where. The path is opening up in front of me.” Whatever, whatever.

Except this last week and a half has been amazing. I have been focusing on believing the way will open up in front of me and I don’t need to stress about it. Around me, needs have been met and my growth has accelerated. I have jumped into healthy living and connections like one divinely inspired. If I am being led, the pressure is off and I act with my best instincts.  And the instincts seem sprinkled with magic. That story of being stuck in my life carried a heavy weight. Daring to challenge the idea that I was stuck, and believe my way would open up, was followed by these positives.

I went on three running dates and ran 18 miles this week, after only running in an inconsistent manner for over half a year.

I made two new friends

I went out to the mountains before 6 am, to catch the sunrise. It is a new weekend practice now.

I took on some new duties at work that I was scared to accept. It has been good for me.

A major need and desire were met this week, something I have been waiting on for many months.

Is this all coincidence? I know it is not. I know that by taking time to examine my thoughts and redirect them, to spend time with others that are being into their best lives, results in hope, energy, magic. Coaching is like connecting to the Gulf stream and being ushered along, instead of fighting a rip current. I will always believe in coaching and I am excited to see where it will take me in the next week.

Where might coaching take you? Something as seemingly slight as the way we view an issue in our lives, can change the trajectory of our lives, if re worked and re-imagined. I wonder if there is a place you feel stuck in your life? What might change for you if the way you viewed your “impossibility” shifted?  What if you are being led too? What if you don’t need to know how it all works out?


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