About Us:

Sproutly, LLC is consulting company with a unique focus on healthy and effective teams. Our mission is to help people and teams meet their full potential and exceed expectations. The recipe is simple: we hire and partner with exceptional talent to provide coaching and mentoring to foster personal and professional growth and to build or augment your team. Our professional services include software project management, software engineering, mentoring, coaching, and social media management. We partner with you to take your project from concept to production with ease.

Our Team:

Christopher George

My 15 years of professional experience is an exciting journey across a wide variety of technical industries. From a start directing IT operations at a large retirement facility in the Shenandoah Valley, I moved to electrical engineering and embedded software development for clients such Bushnell and Polk Audio. From here, my career took a turn toward automotive software development, with opportunities ranging from architecting, project management, and always software engineering for advanced automotive software concepts and full production software development for GM, Chrysler, Ferrari, and others.

Throughout my professional experience I earned a reputation for creative problem solving, rapid delivery, project management, and uncanny ability to see and develop potential in others.

Now, running Sproutly, LLC, I thrive off the variety of challenges my clients bring, learning and growing with them in their unique endeavors, and meeting and interacting with fascinating and talented new people.

Adam Williams

I spent 4 years teaching High School algebra and geometry before becoming a software engineer. After 7+ years working as a software developer, I still enjoy communicating ideas and concepts clearly and in a way that people can easily digest. I am a big picture person and am always looking for the path forward and preparing for the next step. I enjoy collaboration and working together with a team of people. My passion is user experience design. I am drawn to the creative challenge of making a user interface both intuitive and simple. My goal is a pixel-perfect UI. On the side I like writing and playing songs on my guitar, building foam board RC airplanes, and most of all spending time with my family.

Stephen Thomas

As a software developer with almost 10 years of experience in the computer industry, I have learned a lot about providing solutions and meeting the needs of clients. I grew up learning about computers from my father who was a network and database administrator. My career started as a network administrator at a small size custom jewelry store where I furthered my knowledge of computer networking and helped coworkers grow in their computer skills.

From there I moved into software development working in government contracting as a sub contractor for Hewlett-Packard. I honed my website application skills with HP and learned how to work securely with sensitive data. I continued with software development when working with nFuzion and teaming up with companies such as AT&T and Ericsson. After that I worked with a larger team at NNG to create cutting-edge automotive infotainment systems.

Here at Sproutly I enjoy providing modern-day solutions to client’s problems and helping their company grow to its fullest potential.

Esther Lipscomb

As a certified life coach, I am energized as I come along beside my client to grow with them, and to learn about and champion their goals and interests. I know that discovering and acknowledging values and strengths really empowers change and brings people to life. I work from a strength-based process of self discovery.

After graduating from the International Coach Academy with the 125 hour Certified Coach Program, my mindset and energy levels opened up as I coached and built a life I am excited about. My experience of personal transformation, and my work with clients, grounds me in the belief that transformation is possible for everyone.

I am a well rounded person that is confident in my abilities to put people at ease and help them set and attain goals. One-on-one, clients experience me as focused, warm, inviting, attentive, encouraging, interested, open, and nonjudgemental. People often reflect that I am a good listener.

As a speaker and writer, I hold people’s interest and attention. I have a natural ability to draw people into stories, making them feel like they are there. I make stories and characters come to life.

I love to challenge myself, learn new things, and have new experiences. I have written a historical fiction book about the underground railroad. I am published in multiple magazines. I love exploring, hiking, and running. I trained for and ran in several half marathons, placing well, and experiencing the joy that comes from knowing I can choose to do hard things and follow through with good results.

Through personal tragedy and loss, I gained a respect and empathy for individuals in any situation.  I appreciate everyone for their unique story. I know that people have an abundance of strength within themselves — as I have tapped into in myself.  I know people can move from the depths of tragedy to the heights of a satisfying life, and it is rewarding to watch my clients tap into this truth.

I firmly believe each person has the potential for life change and for living beyond the ordinary — living in a way that brings them to life and brings others around them to life too. I know positive change and leaning into joy is possible for everyone.

Brent Wilson

Other than the four years I spent getting my business degree from Pacific Union College in California, I have always called the Shenandoah Valley home. Raised in Page County, I now live with my wife and three daughters in Timberville. With over ten years of accounting experience, I’m excited to join Sproutly to work in business development, marketing, and accounting, as well as help out in HR. When not at work, I enjoy writing, spending time with my family, nature, and I have seen one or two films.

Heidi Werner

As a social media and advertising manager, I am constantly working to build my knowledge of the newest techniques and approaches. The world of marketing is always changing and so I have built the unique skill and ability to continuously adapt and learn the newest tricks of the trade. I am self taught and have learned what I know through real world experience. I view my job as an opportunity to constantly grow and learn new skills. I am always eager to burst into different markets and carefully dissect them with the finesse of a skilled surgeon.

Since I was young, I have always had an insatiable hunger for knowledge which has shown itself in everything I do. In all of my previous jobs I have started at entry level positions and within months worked my way up to management positions. These work experiences have been of the highest value for me because they have taught me that tenacity and patience always pays off.