Client Path

1) Sales Advisor Discovery Meeting (typically held via Google Meet)

Discovery - Software Solutions

  1. General concept/project objective(s)
  2. What problem(s) will be solved with this software project?
  3. What Features are most important to the target audience(s)? 
  4. Budget and anticipated timeline 

Discovery - Media

  1. General concept/project objective(s)
  2. What problem will be solved with this project?
  3. Target audience
  4. What type(s) of media assets are you most interested in?
  5. How do you intend to push this media asset out to your target audience and what is the desired outcome?
  6. Budget and anticipated timeline

2) NDA(s) signed as necessary

3) Follow-up Meeting with Sales Advisor and project expert(s) to more clearly define project scope

Additional technical meetings may be required depending on project depth (max 2)

4) Proposal prepared and deployed to Client

5) Proposal follow-up meeting to review and answer questions (1 week post-delivery)

6) Statement of work (SOW) finalized

7) Contract deployed

8) Contract signed

9) Inception Week (the production process will vary for media Clients (i.e. steps 9-15))

8 hours discovery over 4 days, 2 hour increments

  1. Mission/Vision/Values (1 hour meeting)
  2. Persona workshop (1 hour meeting)
  3. Landscape analysis + presentation (1 hour meeting)
  4. Feature mapping (4 hours in 2 meetings)
  5. Roadmap development, presentation + agreement (1 hour meeting)

10) Project is validated

11) Project team presents overview of Sprint/Agile Project Management Method

12) Design phase

13) Begin engineering phase

14) Continue engineering phase, design revisions

15) Testing phase

16) Project completion

17) Client Care Survey