Life School: A Year To Change Your Life

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What if you lost that dead relationship this year and moved towards a healthier one; what if you lost that weight that has been holding you back and embraced a healthier life-syle? What if you figured out what it would take for you to love your job, or find one you do? The good news is you can take on any of these goals, or others, and be well on the way to living the life you really want within a year.

A changed life is possible. A coach will bring all the tools needed to support you in your growth and transitions. These include energy, an eye for the positive and what is working, a sensitive, outside perspective, focused attention, and tools for helping you discover your core passions and motivations, as well as any mind sets that may be holding you back.

A coach will help you build and carry out a plan to reach your goals, based on your individuality. Meeting three times a month and receiving support, encouragement, and guidance, ensures you won’t quit a week or month in.

Each session will begin with a quick update of your week and proceed to an exploration of the topic you bring. Your coach offers questions and perspective to move you towards growth, self insight, and your desired outcome. Your coach will hold you to your goal, and if there is something hidden that is holding your back, assist you in finding and removing it, or working around it.

This is a hands on experience that if committed to, can transform your life

Package includes 24 fifty minutes sessions.


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