Smart Story is an offering for those interested in discovering and valuing the story of their life, and writing their own happy ending. Smart Story is a course that combines story telling and coaching, capturing what was, and is, while also empowering and planning for what will be.

Session 1.Explore the power of story, enjoying sample stories together, moving on to brainstorming about the story you will write. Homework will be to begin writing a timeline of your own meaningful life events. Session 2. Continue to work on the timeline of your story. You will be introduced to the elements of a SMART story. These include Surprises, Milestones, Achievements, Realizations,Tender spots, and Turnarounds. Homework will be to capture a complete timeline. Session 3- Review what you have written, and experience coaching around a story element of your choice. Homework will be to commit to paper several pages of your story. Session 4- Review where you are with your story, where you see it going, and how to best get there. Receive coaching around an element of your story that you would like to change. Homework-Continue Writing, with the option of a mid week review, through email. Session 5- Share your story as it lies, and reflect on what is there, for the purpose of self understanding and personal growth, receive coaching around an element of your choice. Homework-to finish your story and reflect on what you have learned. Session 6- Celebrate your accomplishment and reflect on what your story means to you, what you have discovered, and where you want to go in the next year. What needs to happen to get you to your happy ending?


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